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    Contact: Astrid Custers

SSM Retail Platform is the leading platform for bringing together a range of disciplines in the retail sector. Its main objective is to gather, enhance and exchange knowledge about and identify developments in the retail and retail property sector. It closely monitors economic and technological developments and trends as well as the crucial aspect of consumer behaviour. National and international retailers, the property market and other sectors involved contribute significantly to this process.

Since 1975 SSM Retail Platform has been monitoring all developments that affect the structure and function of retail facilities, not only in the Netherlands but also abroad. An ever growing number of players are involved in the development and redevelopment of shopping environments. These include public authorities, retailers, property developers and investors, leisure operators and similar parties. Their aim is to meet the demands of the consumer, and this makes it an increasingly complex task to achieve a result that satisfies all parties. What’s more, social developments and the retail market are constantly changing, reason why SSM Retail Platform believes it is vital for all the professional parties involved to meet regularly and discuss all these trends.


Sponsors of SSM Retail Platform are leading players in the market and may join the organization by invitation only. This allows SSM Retail Platform to retain its focus and realize its objectives as far as possible, but also to develop a relevant and effective network. Its sponsors include retailers, retail property investors and developers, leisure operators, public authorities, financial instutions, real estate agents and property advisory as well as sector organizations.


SSM Retail Platform organizes lunch meetings, symposiums, study tours, quick trips and company visits. These activities are open to both sponsors and those involved in the retail property market.

Lunch meetings and symposiums

SSM Retail Platform lunch meetings and symposiums offer participants updates and market analyses which they can then go on to use in their day-to-day retail activities. The quality of the guest speakers and their presentations ensure the most valuable discussions.

Study tours, quick trips and company visits

SSM Retail Platform study tours and quick trips give participants the opportunity to see at first hand major examples of new retail formats, shopping centres and planning solutions in cities throughout the world. The study tours are of high quality, with visits to high-profile shopping environments. These are examined in detail and include introductions and presentations on location by leading speakers from the government, the retail and property sector and other market experts.

Company visits provide participants with an insight into the business operations of major retail companies. By examining their retail formats, marketing strategies, long-term visions and logistics, participants can see clearly why these companies are so successful.


All of SSM Retail Platform’s activities also provide a platform for informal contacts between professionals from various disciplines within the sector. Building and maintaining good relations is a precondition for successful cooperation between the various disciplines. Also by sharing insight, experience and knowledge SSM Retail Platform can contribute to mutual understanding and better communication. The ultimate goal, of course, is to achieve the best possible result.